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Name:Chandra Price
Company:Price's Writing & Editing Services
Title:Owner/Creative Director
Address:3225 S. Macdill Ave., Suite #129-344 Tampa, Florida
Country:United States of America
Phone No:813-250-1298
Cell No:
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Chandra Price
Price's Writing & Editing Services

Established by Chandra Price in 2005, Price‚Äôs Writing & Editing Services offers businesses and professionals direct access to communication materials with compelling content.  Over the years, Chandra Price and her team have assisted dozens of individuals, small business clients, large corporations, and government agencies with projects ranging from Promotional Brochures - to Websites - to Policy Manual Development - to strategic PR Campaigns.  


The current service list includes top-quality materials and on-demand creativity in the areas of:

  • Marketing
    One-stop shop for all of your strategic marketing needs: Advertorials, Brochures, Copyediting, Copywriting, Direct Mail Letters, Flyers, Inserts, Sales Sheets, Graphic Design, Page Layout, Postcards, Print Ads, and Web Sites.

  • Public Relations
    Full-service public relations and distribution: Articles, Media Liaison Services, Target Research, News Releases, Print or E-Newsletters, Press Kits, Pitch Kits, Social Media Sites (Facebook or Twitter), Blogs, and Speeches.
  • Communications
    Communication materials for businesses or individual professionals: Bios, Professional Summaries, Correspondence, Newsletters, Presentations, Proposals, Policy & Procedural Manuals, and Resumes.


Chandra Price focuses her energy on helping professionals define and deliver their message. She creates and customizes marketing and communications materials that help build and sustain the professional image of each unique client.
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